Meeting in Florence vol 2

From April 15th to 17th 2014, the CT Train partners met again in Florence, Italy for their fourth official teacher training seminar. The partners involved were: MTU E-Umbrella (project coordinator) from Kuressaare, Estonia, Barkava Vocational Secondary School from Barkava, Latvia and Qualitas Association (Promozione e Sviluppo Progetti) from Florence, Italy. Construction teachers from each country participated in the meeting.

The main topic of the meeting was this time „sustainable construction“ – about using alternative energias and natural materials. The first morning of the meeting the partners visited the Lebbiano Residence Bio Resort. “Lebbiano Residence” is a sustainable resort located in the Scandicci hills only a few minutes away from Florence. The entire resort from the planning and location of the construction to the photovoltaic panels enables this structure to be 100% sustainable. Read more.

In  the afternoon project team had a visit and lecture of Claudio Scudeller in Elicona SAS, which is a commercial company that furnishes natural products for bio-architecture and restoration of historical buildings.

The lecture gave to the participants a general information about the different concepts that lay behind the ideas of bio-architecture, the differences between chemical and natural products and gave some examples of natural material that can be used in bio-architecture, such as: natural paintings and natural plasters

The morning of second seminar day found participants in PARCO SOL MAGGIOREToscana Energia Green – Navicelli (Pisa)

Tour of photovoltaic instillations hosted by Toscana Energia Green – a green energy company that works to improve production efficiency and eco sustainability in energy by using new technologies to create renewable energy. The participants visited the training laboratory and the photovoltaic park

Green Toscana Energia SpA realized in the city of Pisa the photovoltaic park “Sol Maggiore”. The the photovoltaic park was build inside a hydraulic containment basin, in order to take advantage of a piece of land that may not have other uses and not to waste the potential agricultural areas. The afternoon of the second day and day three was planned for Steering Committee meeting, experience exchange, working out the ideas for training materials and a lot more.

Next time all partners will meet again in Latvia from 4th to 6th of June!


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