Last CT Train project workshop in Saaremaa

Last CT Train project workshop took place on 29th-30th of June in Saaremaa. The main topic was limestone since limestone is the national stone of Estonia, and this is evidenced by the uses of limestone that have hundreds of years of traditions, from buildings to tombstones. Limestone has proven itself as a durable construction material. Historical, the use of limestone and dolomite goes back over 700 years, as the first evidences of use of these materials originate from that long ago.

During our first project seminar in Florence we learned how to make fake marble and scraffito, now we learned what kind of local material we could use for this and what kind of possibilities we have if we want smth like marble but have not so much money…

We had two workshops – first about processing the dolomite in Revalstone which is with the longest natural stone processing traditions in Estonia and another one in Limex Ltd about producing (burning) lime products using traditional centuries-old technology which has practically not changed and ensured the production of quality lime for more than 50 years.

Read more under results.


Cutting the dolomite in Revalstone Ltd


Old lime kiln in Lümanda Lubjapark


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