CT Train reached its final destination (hopefully not forever)

Our two years construction trainers training project ended on 30th of July. These two years were full of sharing knowledge, skills and best practices.

Trainers met two times in each country to learn some new practical or theoretical skills. The added value of the project was the opportunity of exchanges – during the meetings – between trainers and training planners on one hand and entrepreneurs and workers of the sector on the other hand along with visiting construction enterprises in each country to have a better understanding of the differences and how to learn from them.

Between the meetings the training materials were composed and translated to native languages. Look under results.

Now at the end of the project we can say that our trainers are more motivated, their knowledge about sustainable construction is updated, their English skills are better and they have lot of good new training material to provide better vocational training to students.

As said in heading – we reached to destination within this particular project but there is still lot of to do to rise the quality of vocational education through unifying the knowledge and skill of trainers. So thank you dear partners and lets meet in some other Train.


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