Meeting in Florence

From September 25-26th, 2013, the CT Train partners met in Florence, Italy for their third official teacher training seminar. The partners involved were: MTU E-Umbrella (project coordinator) from Kuressaare, Estonia, Barkava Vocational Secondary School from Barkava, Latvia and Qualitas Association (Promozione e Sviluppo Progetti) from Florence, Italy. The Scuola Professionale Edile di Firenze (Vocational Construction School of Florence) was also involved as a silent partner. Construction teachers from each country participated in the meeting.

The meetings were held at the Antico Spedale del Bigallo in Bagno a Ripoli, just outside Florence. The topics of the meeting were Faux Marble and Sgraffito. The first morning of the meeting the partners attended a lecture lead by Simone Vettori, expert in restoration, and Stefania Salomone, architect specialized in restoration. Here the partners learned about architectural restoration in Italy and methodologies of decorated surfaces. They also learned about the techniques used for faux marble and sgraffito and saw examples of how these techniques are often used in Italy. After lunch the group got to see a live demonstration of how faux marble is prepared and they had the opportunity to create faux marble for themselves with the help of the restoration experts.

The second day the partners continued the workshop on faux marble and also worked on their own sgraffito. During the sgraffito workshop the steering committee met to discuss the next steps in the project and the deadlines for the work to be done. In the afternoon all partners visited the Villa della Petraia in Sesto Fiorentino where they were given a tour of the villa and had the chance to see real works of faux marble and sgraffito in a medici setting.

The meeting was a unique experience for the Estonian and Latvian partners as it gave them the possibility to learn about Italian restoration and to put themselves to the test and try faux marble and sgraffito for themselves. It was also a time to strengthen relationships between countries which is one of the strong points of this project.


Sgraffito tehnique in Florence

Next meeting, seminar and workshops of Leonardo da Vinci CT Train project will take place in Florence, Italy from 23rd to 26th of September

The topic is about sgraffito technique and restoration of it. Project coordinators meeting will take place on 24th and 25th of September.

CT Train project started

As a follow-up project of COCOMPEUR, a new construction sector project started in august 2012.

The project will continue unifying construction trainers level of competence with the partners from Estonia, Latvia and Italy.

First two meetings have taken place.

Next meeting will take place from 15th to 17th of May in Kuressaare, Estonia.

COCOMPEUR project finished

With the end of July 2011 the activities of the COCOMPEUR project have been finished. The project offered construction sector specialists and teachers from Estonia, Finland, Italy, Latvia and Lithuania an excellent opportunity to compare each other’s standards, curriculas and methodologies.

In addition to that a lot of benchmarking was done and groundwork laid for future co-operation.

The documents and presentations of the project can be accessed at the results page. Translations of the materials into local languages can be accessed from separate pages.

Meeting program: 23rd to 26th of May 2011 in Kuressaare, Estonia

The program of the 5th meeting of the COCOMPEUR project is following:

22nd of May, Sunday

Arrival day – Metropol, Central , Nordic

23rd of May, Monday

10.45 Pick-up from hotel or gathering in Tallinn Old City (meeting point Viru värvad)
11.00-13.00 Guided tour in Tallinn Old City – renovation and reconstruction of old buildings
13.15 Lunch – Café Mosaiik (Kaarli pst 2)
15.00 Driving to Kuressaare
15.45 Construction site: Harakapesa
18.10/18.45 Ferry Virtsu – Kuivastu
19.10 Renovation works: Pädaste Manor
20.30 Arrival to Kuressaare

24th of May, Tuesday

9.00 Construction site: Hospital (decoration works) – EBC Ehitus
9.30- 9.45Pick-up by bus
10.00 Upa campus of Kuressaare Ametikool
12.00 Lunch, Kaali Visiting Centre
14.00 Construction site: Angla Windmill hill, visiting centre – Kuressaare Ehitus AS
16.30 Construction site: music school –  AS EBC Ehitus
17.00 Conclusions of the day

25th of May, Wednesday

10.00 Construction site: renovation of Kuressaare Castle, guided tour in the castle – Primus Saare OÜ
13.00 Lunch at Kuressaare Ametikool
14.15 Meeting of coordinators and workgroups
Room K-1 (coordinators), room K-2 (workgroup)
1. Evaluation of last meeting – results
2. Feedback questionnaire
3. Reporting
4. Final tasks
1. Mapping differences Estonia vrs other partner countries
2. Presenting results

15.30 School tour at Kuressaare Ametikool’s city campus
16.00 Bus to construction site
16.45 Construction site: Lömala harbour, visiting centre – Kuressaare Ehitus AS
18.00 Dinner in Sõrve

26th of May,  Thursday

10.30 Final Conference
• Opening final event
• Overview of the project period, main challenges, results
• How to get job in partner countries
• The results of questionnaire
• Differences in materials and tools
• Differences in safety demands
• Differences in technology and methodology
• Conclusions + next project

13.00 Lunch at Kuressaare Ametikool
19.00 Final dinner in Veski Trahter

27th of May, Friday

Departure day

Project material uploaded

New project material that was presented at the COCOMPEUR meeting in Espoo, Finland, has been uploaded to the website:

The slide shows are following:

Estonian qualification framework in construction specialities
Estonian mason and finishing work curricula modules
Estonian occupational health and occupational safety claims in construction
Italian educational system and construction education

Minutes from Espoo meeting uploaded

The minutes from the COCOMPEUR meeting in January in Espoo, Finland, have been uploaded to results secion of this webpage.