The object of the project “Comparison of construction sector curricula for easy work placement” is to unify the information of knowledge, skills and work safety demands in construction sector of partner countries with aim to

 1)  Improve the vocational training by modifying and developing curricula

2)  Facilitate free movement of builders from one country to another

3) Enable work placement for VET students in fields which are not easy to find in the home country.

This cooperation is especially important for VET trainees, institutions and their training companies to enable easy adaption for work placement in abroad. Today there is situation that curricula in the construction field are different, also safety demands in various countries may differ and it makes it very hard to prepare students for work placement there. Mapping and exact description of the situation in different countries helps to create an interacting network for work placement and also to find a permanent job abroad.

Activities to be carried out:

– Comparing of the content of VET curricula (competences) in the construction sector

– Comparing main activities (main jobs) at construction sites of construction companies in

partner countries

– Comparing the technology and methodology in construction companies of partner countries

– Comparing the jobs safety demands in construction sector of partner countries

Participating countries: Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Italy, Latvia

Each partner will carry out research among their partner companies to find out the most needed professions and then choose 4 to 5 of the most popular ones to start comparing curricula with partner countries.

The companies will be involved to clarify methodology and technology in the main tasks in each of the selected curricula and job safety demands. All working documents will be translated into English to allow the comparison between different countries. Finally these outcomes will be translated to each country’s native language.

The partners will meet regularly in order to monitor and evaluate the project progress, resolve issues and schedule ahead.  The study visits to different construction companies for monitoring the methodology and technology will be carried out during these study visits. Additionally a final conference will be organized.


1) Detailed descriptions of competences in partner countries’ construction sector

2) The list of more required skills by construction companies in partner countries

3) The list of mapped differences in technology and methodology

4) The list of mapped safety demands in partner countries

5) Electronically available web-site for outcomes of project

6) The established network of training institutions and companies for facilitating work placement

Project interim evaluation

Presentation from the final meeting


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